F&F System

Having proved its ability to provide high quality winter fodder, balewrapping has been widely adopted since its inception over 25 years ago thanks to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Wrapped bales have helped farmers to feed their herds in an easy, efficient manner for the last quarter of a century but the inventiveness of the Film&Film System (F&F System) now allows them to take that one step further.

The F&F System is a revolutionary new, dual film technology that delivers superior quality silage through greater bale density and an enhanced oxygen barrier. This innovative step-change in baling and wrapping practices involves the combined use of a wide polythene film (commonly known as 'Wide' film) alongside next generation Pro Technology balewrap. Wide film replaces the traditional netwrap used to bind crops into a bale format. In addition to improved silage quality the F&F System provides further benefits in terms of minimised forage waste and reduced environmental impact.

The F&F System offers several valuable benefits:

Automation of the feeding process: wide film is easy to remove from the bale as no fodder can become enmeshed in it as with netwrap. F&F System bales can be unwrapped easily and, if using a bale handler and mixing wagon, the contents can be fed out with minimum human intervention.

Easier recycling: netwrap has to be separated from balewrap and segregated for recycling after use due to its different material composition. The F&F System eliminates the need to separate and segregate as both films are manufactured from the same base material. As such they can be easily and quickly set aside for recycling.

Enhanced quality: F&F System bales benefit from an enhanced ensiling process resulting in better crop conservation thanks to the increased oxygen barrier afforded by the additional films layers.

Easy handling and storage: F&F System bales deliver more efficient storage levels due to the excellent crop compaction of the compact, better shaped bales. F&F System bales also benefit from greater protection around the bale circumference thanks to the extra film layers.

The Film&Film System is the type of innovation that will help farmers to maximise efficiency and quality as the combined use of these latest film technologies enable the production of more bales per reel leading to higher baling throughput and lower costs. Reflecting the success of the Film&Film System is its adoption by a number of high profile equipment manufacturers who have developed machines that can both bale and wrap silage without the use of twine or net.