Pro Technology

Pro Technology represents an important advancement in polythene film production by bpi. This thinner, but significantly stronger, silage stretchfilm offers farmers and contractors the triple benefits of an enhanced balewrapping process, significant cost savings and augmented crop quality. Additionally, this next generation balewrap, developed for use with high output round bale integrated combiwrappers, has the added benefit of being easier to recycle thanks to its thinner profile. 5 layer Pro Technology balewrap also benefits from a greater reel length which allows users to produce more bales per reel.

Cost savings are further enhanced by a reduction in the number of reel changes necessary. For example, given that unboxing and changing a reel takes approximately 7 minutes on each occasion, it is possible for those wrapping circa 350 bales a day to save 30 minutes of their valuable time daily. This significant time saving combined with the fact that operators can carry a full day's film requirements on the wrapper helps to increase productivity levels on farm.

In the field the excellent puncture resistance, robust characteristics and tack levels afforded by Pro Technology film unite to deliver a tough, high performance 5 layer balewrap that operates equally well for both day and night wrapping in all climates.

Aside from these functional benefits 5 layer Pro Technology film delivers a number of other benefits such as better crop conservation due to an increased oxygen barrier and smoother, less wrinkled film layers when applied to the bale. Importantly this smoother surface means there are fewer opportunities for air to become trapped. Pro Technology film also has excellent wrapping tension leading to the production of more compact, better shaped bales.

Importantly Pro Technology also offers advantages post-use. Being thinner, it takes less film by weight to wrap a bale. As such there is correspondingly less film, cartons and cores to recycle afterwards making 5 layer Pro Technology balewrap a better choice environmentally.