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We strive to ensure that the information, recommendations and guidance on the use of our products ("Product Guidance") is correct and offers the best guidance which we, or third party experts whom we have consulted, can provide to assist farmers and growers in deciding which products are suitable for your needs and getting the best results from our products. However, Product Guidance is necessarily of a general nature and cannot be tailored for the specific conditions and requirements which each farmer or grower will have. Bespoke advice on the suitability of our products and guidance on their use for your individual requirements should be obtained by contacting

Accordingly, we make no claims, warranties, representations or guarantees on the accuracy or completeness of the Product Guidance and we exclude any legal liability or responsibility (to the maximum extent legally permissible) for the Product Guidance or for the consequences, direct or indirect, of any farmer, grower or other party following, or deciding not to follow, the Product Guidance or any part of it. Our only liability is contractual liability to purchasers of products from us as set out in our Terms and Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available upon request from

This disclaimer of liability applies to, any other member of our group of companies, our officers, directors and employees, and any third party expert or other person whose materials we have included in the Product Guidance.