Storing & Handling Bales

Having invested time, money and energy into growing a crop, harvesting and wrapping it, it is crucial that bales are handled carefully and stored correctly in order to ensure that the airtight seal is maintained until the bale is required for feeding.

A high quality crop, a good quality balewrap and expert wrapping techniques will all have been wasted if the resultant bales are not stacked and stored correctly or if they have been left in an unsuitable environment.

Poor handling and storage can cause puncturing or it can destroy the airtight seal between the film layers both of which lead to spoilage and moulds.

It is important that farm workers are aware of the importance of the correct storage methods so that bales are not left exposed.

In this section you will find factsheets relating to handling, stacking and storing your bales. Following these simple rules will help to protect baled silage and ensure all the hard work during the wrapping season is not wasted.